Papers involving cfengine

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The following papers, and others, on cfengine can be found at

Cfengine: a system configuration engine - University of Oslo report 1993.
Cfengine: a site configuration engine - USENIX Computing systems, Vol8, No. 3 1995
Strategies for Distributed resource Administration Using cfengine - Software-Practice and Experience 27, 1083 (1997).
Adaptive locks for frequently scheduled tasks with unpredictable runtimes - Proceedings of the 11th system administration conference (USENIX/LISA) October 1997
Automated system administration with feedback regulation - Software-Practice and Experience 28, 1519 (1998).
Cfengine as a component of computer immune-systems - Proceedings of the Norwegian Informatics Conference 1998
Computer Immunology - Proceedings of the 12th system administration conference (USENIX/LISA) 1998
Evaluating cfengine's immunity model - Proceedings of the 2nd SANE system administration conference (USENIX/NLUUG) 2000
and other papers on system administration.

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